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11 Sep 18 Dr. Ujjwal Patni Black Star Black Star Black Star Black Star Black Star Add Rating
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Dear friends, I have just received a very beautiful quotation. It says,” one day every kite has to land up in the dustbin, but before that happens, it has to fly high in the skies.”
 Why then is a kite created, when it is known that it has to be eventually thrown in the garbage. A new kite will tear off after sometime. It will crash down from the heights, become useless and be finished in the end. But, the kite has not been created only to be destroyed. It has been created to rise and soar high in the sky, before it sees its end.

One day, we too will be finished, and our entity will be turned into dust. Before this happens, we have to achieve our goals and reach the pinnacles. God has created man with a purpose, and we need to prove our worth in our lifetime. But eventually, we all have to end up in dust. That is why many learned men say that we have come into the world empty handed and will also go empty handed.

If such preachers are asked to donate all their wealth, knowing fully well that they and their family have to leave this world empty handed and finally merge into dust, they will not be able to act accordingly. Such people can only preach. They are like a virus and hence should be strictly avoided.

Always bear in mind that during our life span, we have to accomplish specific tasks, as we grow up. There is an age and time to do everything. Whatever that you do, do it with zest and fervor. When you are spending time with your family, prove to be the best parent for your children. It should never occur to you, “what difference will it make if I do not care enough”. You must try your level best in whatever you do. Even at work, if you are doing business, you must endeavor to be known amongst the top 5 in your field. Never say, “ what will I achieve even if I reach to the top. One day everything has to come to an end”. These are all worthless talks and excuses for not working. Never think what will happen in future. Concentrate on the present and live it respectfully.

If you have no desire to earn money for yourself, but because you have the capability, utilize your talent to earn for the benefit of others. If you do not wish to use the money yourself, you can donate it for some good cause. The money may be used to build a hospital, an orphanage or houses for the homeless. You can spend on marriages of the poor.

If God has blessed you with knowledge, ample abilities, confidence and leadership qualities, utilize it to make a good earning. If you do not wish to use this wealth on yourself, use it for the welfare of society.

Today, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, but he has donated all his wealth to ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. The funds have been so well managed that they can be used gradually in phases. Similarly, Warren Buffet, Mark Zucherburg and Azim Premji have donated a major portion of their assets towards social work.

It does not matter how successful you are, what matters more is whether you have utilized all your talent and abilities to earn that success. For instance, if you have the ability to reach a score of 1000, but you stop at 50-100, then you are not fully successful, even if you are   comparatively better than your counterparts. Even a machine is considered efficient when it gives 100% performance. Same is the case with a train or flight which arrives and departs on time, otherwise its passengers get disgusted.

Friends, it is a reality that we are all destined to perish. What I am emphasizing is that, before we reach our end, we have to touch the skies. We have to excel in our particular field and reach the summit, otherwise we will only be considered a burden on mother earth. We will only consume during our life and bring about change in climate, if we do not give back to mother earth.

So, make your birth a boon, and do something worthwhile which will make people around proud of you and also remember you in a positive way even after you have departed.

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