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Friends, many people want me to tell them about the culture and traditions of foreign countries. Somebody asked me why China is ahead of India? Though most of us speak against China and Chinese products, but during my trip to China I had different experiences which are worth emulating, and which I would like to share with you.

1. Excellent Public Transport facility, for which the public is equally responsible.
At railway stations, in China, there are waiting rooms or lobbies. Only passengers who have tickets to board a train are permitted to go on the platforms. Most of the trains in China are super-fast Bullet trains which run at a speed of 300-350 km/hr. These trains have facilities similar to that available in aeroplanes. There are hostesses who serve food items and beverages on trollies. These are well maintained and pilferage of items from the coaches is unheard of.
In contrast to this, the modern trains that were launched recently in India, were robbed of Television panels and also taps from toilets.

2. Women in China have shops in the marketplace. They take care of their family as well as business simultaneously.
Women in China are professionally very active. They share equal responsibilities in business. I happened to visit a big market in China, which had 20 – 25 shops. It was a wholesale market, which catered to people from all over the world. It was remarkable to watch the ladies here, diligently handling the business as well as their children.
 Sometime back, I had prepared a video, which suggested how Indian women too, can think positively and be productive. India  has a large female population, and our women are very capable. The need of the hour is to get inspired by China, and train our women in professional skills.

3. Very few Chinese are obese. They make all attempts to ward away illness.
In China, most of the people move on cycles. This habit is ecofriendly and also improves their health. At short distances, you will find cycle stands, where 500 - 600 cycles are parked in a proper order. In contrast, even school going children in India demand motor bikes. It is rare to find a college student who uses a bicycle.
Another noticeable feature was the presence of water vending machines at stations, markets, offices and even on the roadside.
These vending machines have provision for only normal and warm water. Chilled water is not served anywhere. 90% Chinese drink only hot water.
We have also heard and read about the benefits of drinking lukewarm and hot water, but have yet to get accustomed to it.
Another thing that impressed me, was that most Chinese were seen to carry transparent water bottles. Herbs, leaves or green tea sachets were added to the water, which not only enhanced the flavor, but also provided nutrients and health benefits. This is indeed a very healthy way of drinking water.

4. In China, people take responsibility of their work. They do not put the blame on others.
I travelled a distance of 500 -1000 km by train in China. What astonished me was the cleanliness that prevailed all over, on either side of the tracks, on the platforms, in public places, roads. But in India, the filth strewn on either sides of the railway tracks, gives a very negative image of our country, to overseas travelers.
Friends, we share a common boundary with China, and have almost the same population. The question then arises, that why we cannot progress at the same pace as China.
 Opposing China and Chinese products will not fetch us anything. We need to inculcate the good habits and progressive views like the Chinese. Firstly, we have to understand our responsibilities and duties towards our country. Each one of us must strive to keep our vicinity clean and take care of public property.
In my 10 day trip to China, I have learnt many things.

  1. Maintain good health by eating fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Drink hot water throughout the day, to which herbs or green tea is added.
  3. As far as possible, involve your family in your job or business.
  4. Take personal care of public property.
Likewise, if we adapt the good qualities from other developed nations, our country can soon become a Super Power.

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