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I wish to discuss regarding an extremely important subject. I am on a visit to different cities, while I write this. There is something that I notice, while visiting different places, whether it is schools, offices or any other work location. I find that a very significant number of women are working. Some of them are teachers in school or professors in a college or university. Some of them are clerks and others administrative officers. These women are all placed in jobs, according to their talent and interests. I also happen to visit my son’s school and I found that almost 80% women have taken up responsibilities as teaching staff or in the office.

This observation made me wonder and that is my question to you, ‘Do you have any such talented female in your home, not getting an opportunity to work?’ Does your wife have few hours of leisure time during the day? If your wife is left unoccupied, then it is most likely that she will be engaged in gossip, negative comments, watching unnecessary serials on television, indulge in unnecessary brand war, comparison with others, discussing useless and meaningless things.

As we all are aware that, all this activities are not providing any value addition. The only sure shot way in which a person can rise in life, is to keep oneself well engaged. So, if you have any talented women at home, be it your wife, sister or mother; it would be wise to get them an occupation.
To be occupied does not necessarily mean involving in work with monetary rewards or make own earning. The person may or may not be interested in an occupation for the primary purpose of earning money.  However, at least a person who is suitably engaged has a positive approach towards life.

It is quite possible that there may be an extremely talented lady in your house, but she is not willing to work. There is also a very possible probability that, she is not even aware of her talent. If you are able to inspire and encourage such a person to become engaged in some task of her interest, then you will help her to utilize her time profitably and make her life more productive. If your own wife is free after the children leave for school, try to engage her in some work.

Women are very versatile. They are much more talented than men. The kitchen is a perfect example of an area of multi- tasking. Throughout the day, different cuisines are prepared in the kitchen. A variety of food is prepared for breakfast and meals to satisfy the palate of all members in the family. The lady of the house knows about every person’s choice of food. She invariably also is aware regarding needs and preferences of different members with precise timings. She is capable of looking after five to six people at a time, and also handling the house help, driver and other servants simultaneously.

No man can focus on so many tasks at one time. Only a woman has the ability to focus on several tasks at one time. She also has an innate capability to follow up and supervise people to have a task done. Search for such a talent in your partner, and motivate her to assist you in your career, office or business.  Guide her and show her the way, so that she can make her life purposeful.

If the ladies in your house become confined only to the four walls of the house, then a feeling of dissatisfaction will overcome them. When you see other ladies performing and holding responsibilities outside their homes, you will also appreciate them, and then you will realize that you should have given opportunity to ladies in your house to utilize their talents.

Every person should start from his own home. Your wife can prove to be your most valuable asset and partner. You can make a beginning by making her in charge of the HR department in your office. Realizing her talent, she can head the Creative department in your office, factory or industry. She can make a start as the PRO. She can be assigned the Corporate Social Responsibility to look after the donations, social and religious events.

In many families, women are not allowed to work outside the house. Women should be allowed to use their time positively, not only for the purpose of earning, but also to increase their IQ level and exposure, at par with their spouses. When both parents think alike, they will be able to guide their children better.

On the other hand, some women may be talented, but they hesitate to work. Such ladies should be motivated. Start by giving them small responsibilities, like looking after the house, your business, career or profession, in your absence.
Allow them to visit the bank to prepare cheques or drafts. They can make payment of bills, make phone calls. Further, train them in basics of your workplace. Teach them to draft emails, and surf the internet.  Encourage them to do short term courses related to your work field, or courses of their interest. Appreciate their efforts, keep inspiring and motivating them to move ahead in life.

I am proposing a huge mission for the millions and billions of men, belonging to the various states of India, to start identifying talent in ladies in their respective homes. They could be your sister, wife, mother or any other female relative, who has few hours of leisure time every day and is unable to utilize her time productively. Talent may be in any form, she may be a good singer, a painter, or good at craft work. She may be a good orator, or efficient at management. Open more avenues for them according to their talent and give them a suitable opportunity to work and move ahead in life.

This will give them a purpose in life. They will be more confident and have their own individual identity. Once we begin to think about the future of our girls, like we plan about our sons; our women will emerge as our greatest strength.

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