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This article is a transcript of the famous video of The Ujjwal Patni Show to watch this video and hear the magical voice Click Here

I urge everyone to have this discussion with your family, staff, team members, business partner, vendors, suppliers, channel partners. This will enable them to exercise self-assessment and figure out which category is most suited to them to achieve success and their current category. This will make them realize the mistakes that are causing a major set down to their success.
In order to make this simple in understanding, I will narrate a short story.
Once there was a man having three sons, they all were equally educated. All the three sons then got hired by the same organization with an interval of about a year.   The father who has settled abroad once decided to pay them a visit. After inquiring about their general welfare, he asked them regarding their salaries. The answer surprised the father, as all had similar educational qualifications. Despite this the first son was earning Rs.30,000, second had payment of Rs. 50,000 and the third son was getting Rs. 1,00,000.
This vast difference in their salary perplexed the father. Apart from the one year gap in their joining, this disparity made no sense to him. Even his sons were not able to provide a satisfactory explanation for this. The father then decided to seek the answer from their employer. The owner of the organization patiently suggested that the father should spend one working day with them. He also convinced that all his queries will be answered just by doing so.

The company was in the business of purchasing auctioned goods from ships and selling it at a profit. For the sake of convenience, let’s call the sons A, B, and C.

The father was invited to the office the next day. As he sat there with the owner, a call was received from the port about an auction. The owner called A and asked him to visit the ship and find out which goods would be of their use. Similarly, the owner called B and C and gave them the same instructions. The three sons left for work.
After half an hour, A returned and told his boss that there is nothing of their use at the auction. When the boss expressed his anxiety as to how A could find out everything in such little time, A replied that he had called up an acquaintance at the port, who gave him all the necessary information.

B returned almost after 2 hours. When his boss asked him about the auction, B said that he had gone to the port. There were some computers, wood, clothes, and other miscellaneous items, but nothing of much use.

C returned very late in the evening. He reported the complete days’ work in an excited tone. He said there are many computers on the ship. He had taken along with him a computer engineer who has checked the condition of the computers. There is plenty of wood for auction which he showed to a timber merchant to assess the quality. Then he also inquired about the cost price and worked out what profits they could earn on selling it. There was a super fine quality of cloth from Iran. It was very expensive material, as could be judged by the reaction of the buyers. The deal seemed to be very profitable and C did not have much time to consult his boss. So he took the initiative to finalize the deal and earned a good profit for the company. At the same time, C also asked his boss to pardon him for being unable to take consent before making the deal.

The boss was overjoyed, he turned to the father and said, “You must have realized why there is a difference in salary of the three brothers.”
This is the present day scenario. We all fall in one of these categories, be it A, B or C. During my business training program “VIP”, which comprises of a gathering of more than a thousand people, I ask the top and middle man-power of the staff, to disclose whether they belong to A, B or C category. It is shocking that none of them are willing to raise their hands and give an honest opinion.

Majority of people in this world fall in A category. These people will gladly handle tasks which can be easily done. Self - gain is their sole motive. They have no passion for work, and they have a half-hearted approach. It is therefore meaningless to entrust such people with responsibility. They cannot be relied upon, and will generally fetch minimal results.

People of the B category will finish work that can be easily done. If there is a roadblock or a hurdle, they will make no attempts to overcome it and leave the work midway without finishing it. They do the work only for the sake of formality. They will neither make use of their common sense nor take the initiative to take any guidance or advice from others, to complete the job. At times, such people are useful in doing repetitive work. Once they learn a job which suits their caliber, they will continue to do it in the same fashion, for years together.

People belonging to the C category are a class apart. They have common sense and are ever ready to make use of it. They are themselves very proactive and committed. They possess leadership qualities and they motivate others also to follow them. If you have ‘C’ category people in your organization, the growth of the company is certain. These people can be relied upon to take the initiative and complete all tasks to the best of their ability.

If we wish to achieve something in life, we will have to strive to come into the C category. We must learn to value our words and become trustworthy. We need to become result oriented, finish our tasks in the set timeline and always use our common sense which of course is a rare privilege in today’s times.
I can tell you from my experience that 90% of our work can be accomplished if we only use our common sense. For this, we do not need any special knowledge. I am a doctor by profession, but today I coach the top management personnel. This is by way of my common sense. Just like every lock has a key, so also each problem has a solution. We only need to have a vision.

Today, I ask you which category you belong to. If you fall in the A bracket, you need to work very hard to reach the B category. At least, whatever little you know, do it diligently and with full responsibility.

You are a shade better if you fall in the B category, but if you remain stagnated, you cannot achieve beyond a certain limit. If you yearn to become a leader in your field, then you will have to come into the C category. You will become a source of inspiration for others too. When they see you aiming right at your goal and accomplishing all your tasks you will inspire them.
As a person in the C category, your ego will never be hurt by what people think of you; tiredness and laziness will never haunt you, time and comfort will not be a binding either.
If we aspire to be achievers, capable team members or business owners, we have no other option but to come into the C category.
You just require firm determination, aim to achieve success and develop a quality of reliability. Thereafter, success will surely come your way.

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