What you will learn

  • Business Leadership / Owners Development: Business Affirmation,Business Vision Board,Business Protocol,Business Body Language,Vision,Mission,Core Values,BHAG,Brand Gap Analysis icon
  • Human Resource Management: Talent Acquisition,Talent Development,Talent Engagement,Talent Separation,Compensation and Benefits icon
  • Marketing and Sales Management: Branding,Marketing Strategies,Market Share Profile, Marketing Strategies,Establish Sales Processes,Above the Line,Negotiation Skills,Below the Line, Cartier Principle,Competitors Profile,Business Chassis icon
  • Managing Business Through Dashboards: How to manage your business from corporate office,Organizing the corporate office,Business Cockpit icon

Immediate reasons to join

  • To establish a clear long-term vision that will help your company realize its potential
  • To educate clients and potential customers what the company is about and clarifies the identity of the company
  • To avoid financial risk in the recruitment process, go beyond active candidates
  • To invest in talent management to attract top talent and improve business performance
  • To implement employee engagement strategies to reduce staff turnover and improve productivity
  • To create positive image of your organization through various modes of promotion
  • To create a successful marketing strategy which will result in consistent branding, preferred pricing and measurable results
  • To create detailed competitor profile to identify in-depth description of their background finances, products, markets, personnel and strategies.
  • To follow customer relationship management process in your organization
  • To learn the art of negotiation and make profitable business deals
  • To manage your business from corporate office with the help of business dashboards/cockpits
  • To identify the key business decisions which will assist you in creating future roadmap of business

Key Information

  • 8 Sessions with Business Coach Dr. Ujjwal Patni
  • 72 Week BIZWALK via Email & WhatsApp (Weekly Action and Learning Kit)
  • Business Booster talk by Dr. Ujjwal Patni
  • Growth Analyst Support for completion of assignments and implementation
  • Buddy Meets for PEER Consultations and Support




₹ 348000








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